Get Started with FreeDOS

To mark the 27th anniversary of FreeDOS, I wrote a month-long article series for about FreeDOS. This how-to series should be a great starting point for anyone who wants to get started with FreeDOS.

Part 1. About FreeDOS

  1. FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 4
  2. Why FreeDOS Has Sixteen Colors
  3. A brief history of DOS (and FreeDOS)
  4. An interview with FreeDOS founder Jim Hall

Part 2. Using FreeDOS

  1. How to navigate with CD and DIR
  2. FreeDOS for Linux users
  3. How to set and use environment variables
  4. How to automate tasks with BAT files
  5. How to archive files on FreeDOS

Part 3. Configuring FreeDOS

  1. How FreeDOS boots up
  2. How to configure FreeDOS with FDCONFIG.SYS
  3. How to install and remove packages with FDIMPLES
  4. How to install FreeDOS without the installer
  5. How to use FreeDOS as an embedded system
  6. How to copy files between Linux and FreeDOS

Part 4. Applications

  1. How to use FreeDOS Edit
  2. How to listen to music on FreeDOS
  3. How to edit text the "old school DOS" way
  4. How to use the Freemacs text editor

Part 5. Programming

  1. How to program on FreeDOS with GW-BASIC
  2. How to program on FreeDOS with Bywater BASIC
  3. How to program in C on FreeDOS

I'd like to thank the editors and other Correspondents at who helped make this article series possible. Thanks especially to Jen Wike Huger, Lauren Pritchett, Seth Kenlon, Don Watkins and Joshua Allen Holm. I couldn't have done it without you!

-Jim Hall