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FreeDOS FDISK 1.3.2

Recently, a serious bug was discovered in FreeDOS FDISK, which could lead to overlapping partitions, and other errors. Thanks to Tom Ehlert, FreeDOS FDISK 1.3.2 should fix these bugs. From the News file: "1.3.2 fixes a couple of bugs in 1.3.1 that were detected by Japheth: a) without .INI file, FDISK would simply exit with 'Error reading hard disk. Addressed sector not found.' b) FDSIK would create overlapping partitions when other partitions were not starting on virtual Cylinder boundaries, as windows or linux partitioners do. c) a bug when a USB memory card reader with empty slot would create 'valid' drives with 0 sectors, 0 heads d) on GPT partitioned disks, the protection partition was not proper detected." You can download the new FreeDOS FDISK 1.3.2 directly from Tom's website at (zip file) or mirrored at the FreeDOS files archive, in /dos/fdisk on Ibiblio. Thanks, Tom!