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NOKEYB - disable loading KEYB support

NOKEYB disables loading the DOS keyboard driver KEYB.COM in C:AUTOEXEC.BAT on the Vobis Highscreen Handy Organizer palmtop PC. This allows using a custom keyboard driver or no driver at all to save precious RAM. As Robert writes about NOKEYB: "I recently acquired two Highscreen Handy Organizer palmtop PCs and wondered, whether and how it would be possible to free some precious memory by replacing KEYB.COM. But on the Highscreen Handy Organizer, files C:AUTOEXEC.BAT and D:DOSKEYB.COM are in read-only memory (ROM), which prevents modification." NOKEYB works by intercepting DOS function 4Bh 'load and execute'. For those without a Highscreen Handy Organizer (or Tidalwave PS-1000 or Zeos Pocket PC) you don't need NOKEYB - but you might be interested in the source code (using NASM) as a starting point for your own drivers. Download it from BTTR's NOKEYB.