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Blocek 1.62: repack from 8/2021

Bloček is text editor for DOS with Unicode support. It means that unlike other DOS editors you are not limited to your current code page. It allows you to edit multi-language documents, translate texts from one language to another, write modern web pages and so on. Laaca wrote: "Thraex and W.Spiegl sent me their translations for my text editor Blocek. So I joined these patches with my older small updates and released not a truly new version but a repack of 1.62." In this version: + slovak keyboard layout + translations for german, french and turkish languages + more filters for conversions between Unicode and 8-bit codepages + included utility for creating new Unicode conversion filters (see .KEY_TBLTBL_CREA) + added file TRANSLAT.TXT which contains instructions how to create a translations to other languages * the binary in untouched. You can download the new Blocek editor at Laaca'a website.