What's New

FreeCOM 0.85a

FreeCOM is the FreeDOS COMMAND shell. Jeremy writes: "The release provides multiple variants, recommended is one of the Open Watcom xms-swap versions. This release fixes a regression with IF ERRORLEVEL in the 0.85 release and a regression that prevented the debug builds from working. Other changes are minor and mostly documentation updates. ... The files with ow are built with Open Watcom (default compiler), the files with bc are built with Borland C/C++ 3, and the files with gcc are built with GCC (ia16). Currently only xms-swap GCC (ia16) built version is provided, please see artifacts from automatic builds for latest builds with GCC. ... If you are unsure, download either the or and use the xms-swap version." You can find the new release at FreeCOM GitHub. We've also mirrored the files on the FreeDOS Files Archive at Ibiblio, under /files/dos/command/0.85a/