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FreeDOS Internationalization with Kittenc

The original Cats library was written in 2000 to replicate the Unix catgets message catalog system - so FreeDOS programs could support different spoken languages. The Cats implementation was later improved on by others to create a simpler, smaller Kitten library with wrappers that made it compatible with Cats. Now, Tom Ehlert has created a newer, smaller implementation of Kitten:

"KITTENC - catgets/kittengets compatible resource compiler. KITTENC 'compiles' language resources to strings and attaches these strings to the executable program such that the program can retrieve these strings at execution time. This way it is enough to copy a file to another place without taking care that the resources (in the NLS directory) are also copied." This saves a lot of disk space compared old KITTEN/NLS approach, and saves a few bytes for each message translation. You can find the new version at {zip file} and we've mirrored it at the FreeDOS Files Archive at Ibiblio, under /files/devel/libs/kitten as