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Recent FreeDOS videos

You might know that we have a YouTube channel where I post videos about FreeDOS, or play DOS games, or show how to write your own DOS programs. If you don't follow the channel, I wanted to highlight a few recent videos: When we released FreeDOS 1.3 RC4, I shared several videos to provide an overview of RC4, installing RC4, and using the advanced installer. More recently, I recorded a video about how to use GNUCHCP from FreeDOS 1.3 RC4 to change the display font. I also like to show some DOS games on FreeDOS. Someone suggested I try Little Willy, a 2D platformer. And this weekend, I posted a video about Acronia, a 2D shooter from the DOS Games Jam. The "programming" videos have been popular, and I recently posted videos about writing an extended ASCII table and how to program a chess board.