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Windows 3.1 on FreeDOS

Can you run Windows 3.1 on FreeDOS? Until now, you could only run Windows 3.1 in Standard mode on FreeDOS. But thanks to recent work on the FreeDOS kernel, you can run Windows 3.1 in Enhanced mode on FreeDOS. Check out Jeremy's video, showing the latest FreeDOS kernel running Windows 3.1 in Enhanced and Standard mode. More info from Jeremy about the updated kernel: "I haven't pushed the changes to the public GitHub repository yet as there are still some rough edges to fix (all the changes are technically there, just in the old unstable branch). I will make a test version (with source) available later this week along with steps to run Windows. ... For the technical aspect - the changes are minimal to the kernel, added support for a few int 2F function calls that were never merged in was about all it took. All significant changes behind a WIN31SUPPORT #ifdef so doesn't need to be compiled in if unwanted." Thanks Jeremy!