This is a test site

Hi there! I'm working on an updated version of the FreeDOS website. The goals in this update are to make things easier to find, to improve accessibility, and to make it easier to share news items to social media.

However, not everything is working yet! Specifically, "sub-pages" (links to other pages on this site) will put you on a plain text page with a description of what the page will be about.

Would you like to test the new website? Please answer these questions and scenarios:

  1. What is your immediate impression? Does it look easier to find information? Is it more welcoming?
  2. Imagine you wanted to download the latest version of FreeDOS. Can you figure out what version you need? Can you download the right version?
  3. Imagine you're a developer and you want to contribute to FreeDOS in some way. Where would you go first? What information are you looking for?
  4. Imagine you're a new user who wants to try FreeDOS, but you don't have a lot of experience with DOS. You might need help with the commands and getting around. Can you get the help you need to do that?
  5. Imagine you want to download some games to play on FreeDOS. Where would you go to find games and download them?
  6. Imagine you are new to FreeDOS, and you want to know what things you can do with it. Can you figure this out from the front page? Where else would you go? What links would you click on to learn more?
  7. Imagine you're a developer and you'd like to try out FreeDOS. You're not sure if you should get too invested in something if it's not being updated very frequently. Can you tell if FreeDOS is being updated? By looking at the website, can you figure out if FreeDOS is active, or maybe has been "dead" or "idle" for a few years?

You can email me your answers to these questions, at