FreeDOS Bugs

We've moved our bug reporting to GitLab. As discussed on the freedos-devel email list, starting with FreeDOS 1.3, all bug reporting has moved to the FreeDOS GitLab. With the FreeDOS GitLab as the first stop to report bugs, contributors can see all FreeDOS programs at once. You can also find links to programs not hosted at the FreeDOS GitLab.

Bug tracker

All programs have bugs. If you find a bug, compatibility issue, or other problem in FreeDOS, please create an issue ticket to let us know:

Report a bug (email)

Don't have an account on GitLab? Use this web form to report a bug via email: (Please don't attach files; the spam filter will remove them.)

Report a bug (web)

If you prefer not to use email to report a bug, use this pop-up form to submit a bug report.