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Do you have a question about FreeDOS? The best place to ask is the freedos-user or freedos-devel emails lists. We welcome everyone to the email lists.

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Other forums

If you want to connect with other FreeDOS users, you might be interested in one of these other forums. Thes are not official FreeDOS discussion channels, but you can usually find other developers here:


If you use Facebook, join our Facebook group. Lots of general discussion here about FreeDOS. A very welcoming group for new users.

DOS Ain't Dead

A general discussion board about DOS, including FreeDOS. You'll find a lot of technical discussion here. Hosted by BTTR Software.


An open collaboration forum on Slack. If you don't have an account, ask Jerome or Jim for an invitation.


Usenet groups are an old-style distributed discussion platform. The group was an early FreeDOS forum.