Ask a question

Most of the FreeDOS developers communicate with each other using email lists. Sending an email to the list reaches everyone on the list so anyone can help out. Our email lists are typically low volume, so not likely to fill up your inbox. We have only a few rules about the email lists.

Other forums

These are not official FreeDOS discussion channels but other FreeDOS users and developers sometimes discuss FreeDOS there. Post a question and come back later to see if someone has answered you.


Our FreeDOS group on Facebook gets a lot of visitors who ask and answer questions about FreeDOS.

DOS Ain’t Dead

This started as a support forum at BTTR Software and evolved into a general discussion board about DOS.


Follow us on Mastodon for news, announcements, and discussion about FreeDOS and running DOS apps.


This is an unofficial collaboration board, hosted at Slack. If you don't have an account, email Jerome or Jim to get an invitation.


Bernd has set up an unofficial Matrix discussion board, for those who prefer live chat.